Transitioning Youth to Adult Health Care Providers

What is Health Care Transition?

Health care transition is the process of getting ready for health care as an adult. During childhood, parents usually help with medical needs—they call for appointments, fill out forms, and keep track of medications. As youth get older, managing medical needs becomes their own responsibility. Achieving this independence requires an organized transition process to gain independent health care skills, prepare for an adult model of care, and transfer to new providers. There are several steps you can take to make sure the transition to adult health care goes smoothly- check out our resources below for additional information.

Health Care Transition Policy at Concord Pediatrics, P.A.

Concord Pediatrics is committed to helping our patients make a smooth transition from pediatric to adult health care. This process involves working with youth, beginning at age 14, and their families to prepare for the change from a “pediatric” model of care where parents make most decisions to an “adult” model of care where youth take full responsibility for decision-making. This means that we will spend time during the visit with the teen without the parent present in order to assist them in setting health priorities and supporting them in becoming more independent with their own health care.

At age 18, youth legally become adults. We respect that many of our young adult patients choose to continue to involve their families in health care decisions. Only with the young adult’s consent will we be able to discuss any personal health information with family members. If the youth has a condition that prevents them from making health care decisions, we encourage parents / caregivers to consider options for supported decision-making.

We will collaborate with youth and families regarding the age of transferring to an adult provider. This transfer is to occur by age 24. We will assist with this transfer process, including helping to identify an adult provider, sending medical records, and communicating with the adult provider about the unique needs of our patients.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Are you ready to transition to adult care?

Transitioning to adult care is a big step for a youth or young adult. Like going to college, getting a job, or going to live on your own, health care transition takes preparation and self-advocacy.

Step By Step: Preparing Along The Way

Additional Resources

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