Behavioral and Mental Health

Behavioral and Mental Health Resources

  • Need IMMEDIATE help? If there is an immediate danger or safety concern, call 911.
  • Need URGENT help or advice?  Contact the NH Rapid Response Access Point:  Call or Text 1-833-710-6477 or Chat Online at

NH Rapid Response Access Point and Riverbend Psychiatric Emergency Services  The NHRRAP is prepared to respond immediately, and is staffed with trained intake specialists, licensed clinicians and peers. If needed, a team member from a community mental health center may come meet you right where you are – in your home, or another location in the community.  You do not need to be a patient at Riverbend to use this service. Any individual with a mental health crisis or a concerned family member may call anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including holidays.

Mental Health Care Providers - Counseling [Updated 2023; Please note this is not a complete list. Families choose a provider based on type of therapy offered (such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy), insurance coverage, recommendations from family, friends, or school counselors, and availability/wait time to first appointment. Consider asking your Concord Pediatrics Provider if he or she has a specific recommendation for your child.]

Mental Health Care Providers - Psychiatrists (M.D., D.O.) & Prescribers of Medications (M.D., D.O., or ARNP) [Updated 2/2023; Please note this is not a complete list - consider asking your Concord Pediatrics Provider if he or she has a specific recommendation for your child.]

Neuropsychological Evaluations [Updated 2/2023; Please note this is not a complete list - consider asking your Concord Pediatrics Provider if he or she has a specific recommendation for your child. Some of these sites will do evaluations for Autism - if this is your primary concern, please confirm which services are offered at any specific location.]

Learning Assessments

General Mental Health Resources

Substance Use

  • “My Life, My Quit” offers adolescents (under the age of 18) access to specially trained Quit Coaches that will help them build a quit plan, identify triggers, practice refusal skills, and obtain ongoing support for changing behaviors. Teens can enroll by going to, or by calling 1-855-891-9989.
  • “QuitNow-NH” provides adults (18 years of age or older) access to specially trained Quit Coaches that will help them choose nicotine replacement medicines and offer ways to prevent cravings and avoid triggers.  Adults can call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or enroll online at

Teens and the Transition Years

Teens and the Transition Years - Mental Health Resources from NAMI Massachusetts

Specific Mental Health Topics:

Anger & Aggression

Book: What to Do When Your Temper Flares: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Problems With Anger(What-to-do Guides for Kids) by Dawn Huebner, also What to Do When you Grumble Too Much

I'm Not Bad. I'm Just Mad: A Workbook to Help Kids Control Their Anger by Anna Greenwald [Ages 6-12]

Josh's Smiley Faces by Ginal Ditta-Donahue [Ages 4-7]

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety Disorders - National Institute of Mental Health

Anxiety in Children & Teens - Books and other resources by Lynn Lyons, LICSW, a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist who lives in Concord, NH

2 **Must Read** Books: Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents and Playing with Anxiety: Casey's Guide for Teens and Kids

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Activities Guide: Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence from Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Check it out!- Cookie Monster learns about Self-Regulation

Behavior Therapy for Children with ADHD - Finding a Therapist

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Information and Resources from the CDC

National Resource Center on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

Book: Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential

by Peg Dawson PhD and Richard Guare PhD (Portsmouth, NH)

Autism Spectrum Disorder

New Hampshire Council on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Speaks

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Information and Resources from the CDC

Applied Behavior Analysis in NH


Coming Soon

Grief Resources for Children

  • When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death. Written by Laurie Kransy Brown and Marc Brown. [Ages 4-10] A Guide to helping children understand what death means, and how to cope with feelings.
  • Lifetimes: The beautiful way to explain death to children. Written by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen. [Ages 5-10] A story about life and death using nature, animals and people - beginnings, endings, and living in between.
  • The Next Place. Written by Warren Hanson. [Ages 4+] A story of 'the next place' - a place of light and hope where earthly hurt is left behind and a celebration of life. Death is presented in this story in a non-secular way.
  • What's Heaven? Written by Maria Shriver. [Ages 5-9] A daughter learns about coping with death, and heaven when her great-grandmother dies.
  • The Fall of Freddie the Leaf. Written by Leo Buscalgia, Ph.D. [Ages 5-9] A story and description of the seasons of life and death through nature, and a leaf named Freddie.
  • The Tenth Good Thing About Barney. Written by Judith Viorst. [Ages 5-9] A boy whose cat has died learns to understand death as he remembers all the good things about his cat Barney.
  • What on earth do you do when someone dies. Written by Trevor Romain. [Ages 8-12]
  • When a Friend Dies, A book for teens about Grieving and Healing. Written by Marilyn E. Gootman, Ed. D. [Teens] 
  • Teenagers Talk about Grief. Written by June Cerza Kolf. [Teens] 
  • The Grief Bubble: Helping kids explore and understand grief. Written by Kerry DeBay [Interactive, Ages 6-10]
  • How I Feel: A Coloring Book for Grieving Children. Written by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. [Interactive, Ages 3-8]
  • Help Me Say Goodbye: Activities for Helping Kids Cope When a Special Person Dies. Written by Janis Silverman. [Interactive, Ages 4-10]
  • Remember... A Child Remembers. Written by Enid Samuel-Traisman [Journal, Ages 8-12]
  • Fire In My Hearth, Ice in My Veins. Written by Enid Samuel-Traisman [Journal, Ages 13+]
  • Something Happened. Written by Cathy Blanford. [Ages 4-10] A book for children and parents who have experienced pregnancy loss.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Book: What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming OCD (What-to-do Guides for Kids) by Dawn Huebner