Telemedicine is here!

Concord Pediatrics is pleased to announce we are offering telemedicine as a temporary service to our patients during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We strongly feel that the physical exam and face-to-face contact with a healthcare provider is vitally important, especially in Pediatrics.  However, due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, and for everyone's safety, we must be flexible in the way we provide medical care to our patients.  We know telemedicine is an important service to offer our families during this time.

There are some medical problems which we must see in the office - to do throat or urine tests, and to look in ears. But there are many other situations where we will be able to provide care using telemedicine.

Please call our office at (603) 224-1929.  You will speak to our staff and we will determine if your questions and concerns are best answered with a phone call, a telemedicine visit, or an in-person office appointment. 

Mental and behavioral health appointments and med-checks can be done with telemedicine in most cases!